May 15, 2012

The Role of Mothers in Supporting Music

Tomoko deals with parents all the time, and realizes their impact on future pianists and music lovers. She says,“Parents’ experiences can impact whether their child will take piano.”

Music was Tomoko’s mother’s dream. She was cheerful listening to music, and supported her children’s pursuit of music.

Tomoko herself has shared her love of music with her daughter Beata, who is now a professional ice skater. Tomoko says, “If you play music, the family is peaceful.” When Beata was in third grade, Tomoko took her to a live opera to give her a good musical foundation, and help her learn about musical interpretation. “Everyone should enjoy music.”

At the same time, Tomoko knew that mothers shouldn’t be their child’s music teacher. Mothers don’t always know what instrument or what music is the best for her child. Parents may misguide their children, or they may want to push their children too fast; they need to wait for their child to be ready.

Tomoko sometimes acts as a mother when teaching other children. She motivates them and helps them face each piece as a little challenge, encouraging them to grow musically. At the same time, Tomoko protects the child, particularly if the parent is present at the lesson. Tomoko teaches the parents while she teaches their children.

Listen to some mother-friendly piano music performed by Tomoko; her album Baroque to 20th Century insluces “Scences form Childhood” and “My Mother Used to Lullaby Me Like This”:

And Happy Mother’s Day!