September 14, 2013

Lifelong Teaching and Learning

It’s the beginning of the school year, so it is a good time to share Tomoko’s ideas and experiences about teaching.

Tomoko says that the teachers’ job has a unique niche. “I am sorry, but I am not your friend. I need to critique to help students improve. “Tomoko tells her students, “Don’t take it personally. It is a difficult job.”  Tomoko also says, “My suggestions come from my judgment, but my judgment may change over time.” Likewise, she tells her students, “Your job is to study.”

Tomoko appreciates the importance of rules and disciplines. “To reach the Olympics, one needs to go step by step, not be thrown into the deep water.” Tomoko advises her students to practice; “Calculate well. Be organized. Walk smartly- step by step.”

Tomoko asserts: “That is my greatness of my teaching:  challenging my students. Their development is most important.  I tell them that they should try best when they are young.  She advises them: “When you are 40 you will understand why the challenge is needed when you are a teen.”

When asked what Tomoko has learned over the years of teaching, she responds:  “A tremendous amount of patience.” She continues, “I have learned how time can solve problems. Sometimes it takes 2, 4, 6 years, but I start still keep moving.”  Tomoko humbly says, “It can take a long time to learn.” She smiles, “I am learning to pick up the ball.”