December 14, 2013

Family of music

A spirit of family may exist in the relationship between piano teacher and student. That is the case with Tomoko. She has students who are very loyal to her, and study with her for a decade or more.

In turn, these students may reflect the importance of family in their love of music. That is also the case with Tomoko, whose mother loved music and whose family bought an organ for the children to play.

One of Tomoko's longtime students Vivian shared with her about family inspiration of music. Vivian and her family lived in Vietnam. Her father was a young tutor of wealthy children. One rainy day on his way home from tutoring, he stopped and stood under his umbrella, inspired as he listened to someone playing Chopin. At that moment, he thought to himself: "If I have a daughter, she must study piano."

Indeed, he fathered Vivian, and she studies piano -- with Tomoko. "Vivian performs Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven beautifully," says Tomoko. She continues, "Both her children studied piano with me throughout their childhood. So that moment of rain led to at least two generations of pianists, and most likely more."

That moment also speaks to the insight and determination of the father, who recently passed away.  His love of music -- and of his family -- continues. And the family of music continues and grows as well.