January 23, 2018

Begin with Music

It’s the beginning of the year, and music is a great way to start the year. 

Music can be a lifelong joy. And that joy can begin early in life. Tomoko knows.

Her father had played the violin in his youth, and her mother sang hymns as she cleaned the house. Her family had a record player, and listened to classical music. Tomoko liked listening to music on the radio too. 

Singing songs was part of the Japanese educational curriculum when Tomoko was growing up. There were textbooks all public and private schools had with songs for schoolchildren for each elementary grade. The government wanted to make sure everyone had a music education. Tomoko recalls: “When I was in grades 7-12 at Ferris Academy we had mass every morning and had to sing, of course. I enjoyed the singing, and all the students knew how to sing well.”

It’s never to early to begin the love of music in a child. Mothers and fathers can sing to their babies. Lullabies are very soothing, but folk songs and even modern songs can be pleasant to hear; the main point is for the singer to enjoy sharing the song. There are many nursery songs that children can learn, and when the family sings together it is special. Tomoko says, “It’s a good way to communicate.”  

Play music in the home, be it on the radio, on a DVD, or on the computer. Music is not only an esthetic experience; it is also educational. Listening to music helps children learn the concept of rhythm, which helps them learn language too.  Having a musical instrument is wonderful because children can see how music can be created, and explore the instrument’s physicality. Music and science go hand in hard. 

There are so many ways to bring music and harmony into people’s lives. Begin now!