May 30, 2015

If Music Be The Food...

Music as a brook. Music as food for the soul. So it's no wonder that metaphors enter the conversation when Tomoko talks about music.Here are some of her insights.

"Music is energetic. Like cycling, the more you play the more oxygen you get. You feel fresher." "Learning a piece of music is like climbing a mountain. Start with small mountains. Make sure your foot is on the groups. One step is far enough. You need to go surely, step by step, and always look ahead."
"Piano practice is like gardening. Both need careful attention and daily work."
"There is no quick road to mastering a piece."
"Memorizing a musical piece is like building a house. Build on a solid foundation. Don't leave the structure behind. You can't be impatient." 
"Music starts from the heart and comes out through the fingers."
"Music should flow." 
"Piano performance is like a dance; it involves practice and discipline."
"A good performance is layered like ice. It needs to be built up subtly, thin sheet by thin sheet."
"If a pianist has no emotion when playing, why be there? The music is missing wasabi."
"Programming a recital is like cooking for guests. It's not easy; it's very calculated."
"Music is like sharing a fireplace that is nice and warm and relaxed. There is a warm common feeling. “

"Some pianists have no fun. Sometimes music is like a circus. Relish the experience!"

"Music is freedom."

"Music gives you soul."
"Music speaks for itself, but doesn’t need a monologue."
"Why do I like music? The companionship of music is a lifelong support. It's my guardian angel.?