February 14, 2019

Piano Fun on the Internet

As a change of pace, here are some fun piano-related activities for families to do on the Internet:

Watch and listen to this brief history of the piano at https://youtu.be/63snnLQqBLQ
Watch how a piano is made at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAInt7hIZlU

Try these piano inspired music activities including crafts, motor activities and play: https://www.andnextcomesl.com/2016/02/piano-inspired-music-activities-for-kids.html
These piano games help get kids excited about piano lessons: https://fireinsidemusic.com/kid-piano-games/
Play these online games to learn how to read piano notes: https://takelessons.com/blog/learning-piano-notes

A piano can be an expensive investment, so here are some factors to consider when buying one: http://www.ptg.org/document//36/
The piano teacher makes a real difference in helping you to learn how to play. Here are tips of the Piano Teachers Federation on choosing the right teacher: http://pianoteachersfederation.org/Choosing_the_Right_Teacher
A piano needs care just like any other musical instrument. Here are tasks you can do at home to keep your piano in good condition: https://www.yamaha.com/en/musical_instrument_guide/piano/maintenance/

Think of all the steps in involved in piano performance: making and selling and fixing pianos; writing and publishing piano compositions; learning and teaching how to play the piano; performing for competitions and at a workplace; recording and producing piano performances; incorporating piano music in education and health. Any of these careers could be the (piano) key to success.