October 10, 2012

Love of Music, Love of Family

You don’t have to be a performer to love music and to be impacted by it. Tomoko’s family is a great example of that.

Tomoko’s mother loved to move to music as she worked around the house. She and her husband loved music enough to obtain a pipe organ from the neighbors so Tomoko and her sibling could learn to play. Tomoko’s older brother was an inspiration for her; as a little girl she would follow him to piano lessons. He chose music as his career, as did she.

While visiting Europe for the first time in the late 1960s, Tomoko attended a Hungarian dance part. There she saw “the most handsome boy from East Germany.” She noted, “He was a good dancer, but I could not dance.” Two years later, Tomoko saw him again, and invited him to a recital. In 1970 they got married in Salzberg.

Tomoko’s daughter Beata also loves music, dancing to it – on skates. Tomoko started her daughter skating at a very early age, mainly for exercise and recreation. However, Beata came to love skating so much that she has pursued it as a vocation, and performed in the Olympics. She also married her dancing partner.

“Every family can enjoy music, listening to the radio, watching TV and films.” Tomoko thinks that music as a family affair. “Families can also create music together with their voice as well as with instruments.” They can now also go online.

You can sample Tomoko’s musical performance at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TomokoHagiwara

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