August 7, 2013

The Companionship of Music

When asked, “Why do you like music?” Tomoko replied, “Companionship of music is lifelong. It supports me. It’s my guardian angel.”

Tomoko’s musical companionship is not passive;“Music takes a long time to learn and gain over time.  It is hard job, but you sleep well.” Tomoko goes on to say, “I focus my mind and eye and finger, any forget my problems.”

Part of that companionship arise from music’s ability to communicate. Tomoko comments, “Music needs no translation. Music is a way to know other people because people enjoy music. It’s like sharing a fireplace that is nice and warm and relaxed. There is a warm common feeling. “

Tomoko remembers several episodes where music was linked to companionship. “I had a good time at college where I was a piano major. We pianists were all together and are still good friends. We would  study in the morning and practice the rest of the day.” 

Tomoko also remembers bringing her students to play at City Hall. “There were 200 people listening, many of whom were homeless. One of the homeless men asked if he could play, and we let him. He played very well, and it made his day.” Tomoko remarks, “I like homeless people more because of that musical connection.”

More generally, Tomoko explains how music brings people together. “Music isn’t just for society ladies, not just for the elite. Stern Grove, for instance, offers free musical performances outdoors; it is music for all.” Tomoko imagines a person going to a musical event: “Hey, I can go it.” That interest comes from a natural urge.

Tomoko concludes: People can welcome music anytime. Music is remarkable. I don't have to say anything, and music gives me friendship." 

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