November 16, 2013

Connecting the Arts with Music

Music connects all the arts,” says Tomoko. “Think of the TV show Dancing with the Stars.” On a personal note, Tomoko’s daughter is a professional skater, and her lifelong experiences with music have helped her perform gracefully.

“Music can be like an art project,” Tomoko relates. “Composers combine instruments to create a unique sound. How do you balance the composition? Tomoko continues, “Color of the tone is most important.”

Tomoko makes another connection, “When you read about a composer’s life, you can examine his rhythm more fully because you know its context.” Such study goes the other way too. “After you enjoy Chopin’s etude 25 #1 melody, you will enjoy the movie about him more. When you see the countess in the movie, well-dressed and peaceful, she will remind you of the etude.”

In 1968 Tomoko visited a friend in Florence. There she visited a Medici house, which served as a museum. Seeing a harpsichord there, Tomoko asked, “What does it sound like? May I use it?” The owners let her play Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier  (Vol.I) in C# major BWV 848. “On the other hand,” says Tomoko, ”it bothers me when the museum has background music. You need to choose which art to focus on.”

On a final note, Tomoko advises, “Be curious and courageous when it comes to the arts.”

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