February 8, 2015

Protection and Strength

Parents play a significant role in their children’s progress in learning to play the piano. They protect their children and help them gain inner strength. So thinks Tomoko.  

Tomoko remembers seeing winery near George Lucas’ studio.  Baby roses were planted around the vineyard fence.  Tomoko asked the purpose of the roses, and found out that the roses serve as a signal of potential trouble for the grapes. “If the roses look bad, then the vintner knows there will be something wrong with the vines if not acted upon.” 

Tomoko makes the connection to parents, telling them that they are roses for their children. “I notice a suffering child right away,” asserts Tomoko. If parents are having problems, they impact the child.” I ask parents to inform me if there are family issues so I can help their children.” Tomoko explains, “When the family is ‘off,’  the child has a hard time concentrating.” Sometimes Tomoko gives her student an easier piece to practice, or delays a public performance. “It’s important for the child to continue to practice and take lessons during this time, though,” says Tomoko. “They needs to maintain their skill and manual dexterity, and the habit of practicing can serve as a way to occupy the mind in a positive way. It can act as a meditation.”

Tomoko adds, “Children can be remarkably strong and resilient. They end up fine, if given support and time. They will bloom.”

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