March 19, 2017


Spring is a time for renewal and refreshment. And music -- and Tomoko -- benefit.

For instance, the first day of spring marks Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday: born in 1685. Furthermore, he wrote "Ode to the Seasons." with Eva Toller lyrics set to his music. Here is her verse on spring:

Spring is approaching and with it comes beauty like green leaves, the fragrance of flowers;
the wet earth is smelling of life,
and the sun starts to warm up all deep frozen souls;
it’s the time for awakening, and it’s the season for lovers;
the butterflies play in the grass, and the birds of all colours are singing.

Spring has many tones. Consider Stravinsky's primal "Rite of Spring." Tomoko and her students have performed the first half of this monumental piece. 

Spring as it occurs in nature can be musical too.  In the seemingly quiet of the out-of-doors, you can feel the rhythm of life. As you become calmer, you can start to hear nature's sounds, which can be music to your ears and psyche. "A bird singing, a tree waving; nature shows that silence is variable music," says Tomoko.

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