July 3, 2019

Parents Praise Tomoko

Tomoko’s students often shared Tomoko’s advice with their parents, and those parents also received great advice from Tomoko directly. A sampling follows.

“My daughter started piano lessons just wanting to play Bach, but she learned to appreciate other composers, even Beethoven who is a bear to play.”

“Tomoko does a good job choosing songs that match the person’s personality.”

“Tomoko selects pieces for a lifetime.”

“Tomoko brings out a person’s musical potentiality. She breaks down hard pieces into manageable parts to practice.”

“Tomoko challenges and pushes students. She told me one day, ‘I would be insulting if I didn’t challenge them."

“Tomoko has faith in her students and guides them. My son’s recital was one of his greatest challenges but he succeeded and it helped him with future challenges.”

“Tomoko helps students learn how to carry themselves in life.”

 “Tomoko is like a grandma with her advice: ‘Practice in everything. Be self aware and self disciplined.’”

“Tomoko shares her passion and love.  Her dedication for so many years putting up with students is astounding. Students are so lucky. Tomoko models her own advice: “Llive a life that honors you.”

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