September 17, 2020

David Dubal and Tomoko


In 2012 Tomoko was the featured pianist for David Dubal’s radio show “The Piano Matters.” On the program she performed Liszt’s "Au Lac de Wallenstadt."

David Dubal was born in 1944 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was educated at Ohio State University and Julliard. Over the years Dubal has become an internationally known pianist and teacher. He has recorded several albums, and taught at Julliard and the Manhattan School of Music. In addition, Dubal has written several articles and books about classical music and the piano, including biographies of leading musicians. His 1993 documentary “The Golden Age of the Piano” garnered him an Emmy award. Because of his lifelong accomplishments, composer Virgil Thomson composed a musical portrait about him.

As noted above, Tomoko worked with him in his capacity as a radio show host. For over two decades, Dubal served as the director and program commentator of the New York City classical music station. Afterwards, he hosted the radio program series “The American Century,” which featured 20th century American music.

Tomoko stands in good company with David Dubal, and it is a significant sign that he recognized her own accomplishments.

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