March 27, 2020

Health Benefits of the Piano

Tomoko has taught piano for 50 years, but you can’t tell by looking at her. She is healthy and full of energy. Has the piano helped? “The piano keeps me young. I have a bit of arthritis, but I play pieces that aren’t as challenging for my fingers, and it keeps them limber.” Even the regimen of daily piano practice keeps Tomoko focused and gives her a sense of well-being.

For centuries music has been known to improve people’s quality of life. Music can both relax and energize you. It can help you unwind at the end of the day, relieving – and escaping – life’s stresses.
These days there is even piano therapy, which can sometimes be more impactful than clinical treatments. Listening to piano music lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels, which can make you feel better and less stress. Music can help you think more objectively and calmly. Low pitched and melodic piano music can help overcome insomnia and facilitate calm comfortable sleep. Classical piano music can also stimulate the body to produce natural painkillers and help patients recover from surgeries. Listening to piano music can also reduce children’s aggressive behavior, and has been used to treat patients with depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

 And those health benefits come from listening.

Think of the benefits of planning the piano. Learning how to play the piano improves your memory and keeps your brain young. It helps for hand-eye coordination plus enhances split concentration. Obviously, playing the piano strengthens hand muscles and makes your arms stronger
Whether you listen to – or play – piano music, it helps you through difficult times. 

With the present COVID-19 situation, piano music can maybe save your life.

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